A 12-Step Based Recovery Community that is Unique & Life-saving.

Women’s House Now Open.


Our non-profit recovery community was created to provide a safe and effective environment for men to build the foundation of a fulfilling and productive life.  Our residents maintain continuous sobriety by staying in our long-term, 12-Step based community that includes lovingly confrontational peer-mentoring. We have found this process really works.

Once the foundation of sobriety is set, our residents can pursue recovery-oriented goals like repairing  relationships, getting a job, and being a positive influence on others.

Our abstinence-based community is built upon these values:

12 Steps

Application of 12-Step Philosophy


The Power of Peer Mentoring to Support Personal Change


Accountability, Rigorous Honesty, Personal Responsibility

Men who have graduated from our house stay integrated with our substantial sober support community and participate in their own and others’ recovery.

We have found that a 12+ month structured recovery process in a family like peer-mentoring environment is the best way to reach these goals. As a non-profit, our house is affordable. We’re able to provide the setting for someone to recover at a fraction of the cost of  short-term medical model treatment options. Thanks to the support of our donors, we are able to use 100% of fees for room/board and our long-term recovery solution.

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In Their Own Words

“When I arrived…I was a broken, 30 year old child. Awakening Recovery helped me to stop running and to face life as a man, and to take responsibility for myself. [It] has been the greatest gift and accomplishment of my Life!”

– Chris M.


Our community mentors residents through a rigorous and transformative year+ long spiritually awakening process which includes:

behavioral tool

Behavioral Tools:

Interrupt & redirect self-sabotaging behavior


Peer Mentoring Family House Meetings:

Address root issues at the level of responsibility & integrity


Daily and Weekly Activities:

Establish new healthy routines/coping skills

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Resident Specific Recovery Habit Forming Routines:

Change core beliefs and behaviors though daily spiritual and behavioral routines.

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The 4th Wave of the Opioid epidemic is more deadly than ever. Awakening Recovery provides a highly effective long-term solution that saves lives. "Now experts are observing a fourth phase of the deadly epidemic. Nationwide, illicit stimulants mixed with fentanyl were the most common drugs found in fentanyl-related overdoses, according to a study published in 2023 in the scientific journal Addiction. "