How Our Approach is Different

We believe it takes longer than 30 days to change a lifetime of deeply embedded beliefs and behavioral patterns.

  • Residents follow a rigorous year+ long phase-up process based on the principles of the 12-Steps, reinforced by a lovingly confrontational peer mentoring process.
  • Connection and community are a vital part of our recovery process.

Traditional Treatment Isn’t for Everyone

  • Traditional treatment focuses on feelings — we change core beliefs and behaviors.
  • The relationship between long-term recovery and length of stay demonstrates why our year+ long process is so successful.
  • 12-Step philosophy combined with a peer mentoring, behaviorally based process in a family recovery home setting provides a powerful path to recovery.


After graduating, alumni continue to give back to the house by:

  • Sponsoring residents in their 12-Step spiritual experience and acting as peer mentors.
  • Leading weekly newcomer, middle of the board and senior members peer mentoring family house meetings.

Women with substance addiction experience significant prejudice due to societal attitudes and stereotypes of women who drink and use drugs

Less than 10% of women seeking a recovery solution get it due to not having insurance or being underinsured. – NSDUH

Our 12 bed women’s house will help 30-35 women annually find a long-term recovery solution that works.

A Different Approach To Recovery

A Long-Term Solution That Works

Phone: Aida Richey 225-400-4676

Instagram: @awakeningrecoverywla
Facebook: @awakeningwla


Awakening Recovery is a non-profit substance addiction recovery home located in West Los Angeles, serving women ages 18+

Awakening Recovery’s mission is to provide a structured, life-changing path to sustainable recovery for people with chronic drug and alcohol addiction, offering access with no financial barriers.

Our process builds a foundation for a secure and productive life that helps our residents rebuild relationships and savings in the bank, hold a job, and continue their new lifestyle for the long-term by:

  • Lovingly confronting and beginning to heal maladaptive behaviors that trigger relapse
  • Interrupting and redirecting self- sabotaging behavior
  • Establishing new healthy routines/coping skills
  • Embedding new core beliefs

LA Needs a non-profit gender specific women’s year+ long recovery home with no financial barriers for willing residents because:

  • More than 80% of women seeking substance addiction recovery have physical/sexual abuse and/or 40-56% PTSD in their history
  • Women are often the primary caregivers in their family so hold on longer and progress further in their addiction before seeking recovery.
  • There are many recovery homes for women in LA, but the costs can be high, many don’t have a year+ long process, and none never saying no to a willing resident prospect based on financial hardships.

A non-profit gender specific long-term recovery solution for women

Our new women’s house in West Los Angeles

  • Centrally located near public transportation, social services, restaurants and markets
  • We have great non-profit referral relation-ships with wellness, physical and mental health resources for residents to utilize during their stay with us
  • 5 bedroom 6 bath house helping up to 12 women at a time find a long-term recovery solution
  • Staffed by women in recovery to mentor our residents based on their own lived experience in recovery
  • Utilizes the women’s recovery community in LA to sponsor women in their 12-step process that runs parallel to the lasting behavior change driven structure of the house.