What our recovery home means to our graduates – in their own words

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“ The 9 years before coming to Awakening Recovery, I had been to 40 rehabs, in and out of psych wards, dozens of arrests, and had resigned to the idea that “this is what life would be for me” as an active heroin addict. The thoughts and feelings I had about myself and what this life is, matched that story I kept re-creating, stuck in darkness. The house changed all that for me. A process I feel is divinely inspired, everything I knew about life and how I saw life has changed. It introduced me to the real world, the one of beauty and love and hope, and most of all brotherhood, where I know that if I’m honest with the ones in my life, I never have to return to the darkness and on the contrary can sustain living in the light. I experienced countless miracles and shifts in perception have changed my life and undid a lifetime of wrong information, and I’m forever grateful.”

– Christopher “CC”

“When I came to the house I was completely lost and had no hope that I would ever find any purpose in my life. Going through the house has taught me how to live life in a respectful and responsible way. With the help of my support group and the program I live by in AA I now have a life full of hope and purpose. I am eternally grateful for the love and support that Awakening has given me. Thank you for saving my life.”

–Jerry H.

sober living los angeles
sober living los angeles

“Before coming to Awakening Recovery I was in and out of treatment. I could not stay sober. Awakening Recovery helped me see that I am the problem and along with AA and the 12-Steps helped me to cultivate a relationship with a higher power. Today, I am able to live sober one day at a time.”

-Marlin P.

“Before coming to Awakening my life was in shambles. I was homeless, in and out of jail constantly, and stuck in the throes of my addiction. Days before, I was released from doing 6 months in jail. Within hours I was back to using. I’d given up on myself, but something out there had other plans for my life. Awakening took me in when I had nothing and helped me to build the life I have today – and I am financially & emotionally responsible. I’m so lucky to have been given this opportunity and to have found myself a part of such an amazing community.”

-Chris T.

sober living los angeles
sober living los angeles

“I was constantly making poor decisions and causing wreckage in my life. However, thanks to Awakening Recovery, I have been given the tools to deal with life, learned to have relationships, and have my daughter back in my life. I’m truly grateful.”

– John G.

“Before I came to Awakening I was full of fear, doubt and ego and I could not stop using and running my life into the ground. The community of Awakening Recovery welcomed me with open arms…with only one objective: To help me stay sober and gain freedom from the life threatening illness of addiction that I was so used to suffering from. For the last 10 years I was in and out of sobriety with no real solution. I was lost and hurting inside. The Awakening Recovery community took their time to help me develop tools to use in my daily life along with the 12 Steps of AA to battle my addiction. I now live happy, joyous and free. I am eternally grateful for the Awakening community for their big hearts and patience as they helped me over the last 13 months. This house saved my life. Life is now way better than I could have ever imagined. Thank God for Awakening Recovery.”

– Griffin P.

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Families of Graduates Speak

sober living los angeles

Jill and Bernie, grandparents to brother Tyler and Austin, two of our graduates now with over 3 years sober, were desperate for a solution for their grandchildren and together through our weekly family peer mentoring house meetings which they attended regularly they began the healing process of recovery. – “We were, at that time, very unsure due to the newness of this sober living home. This turned out to be one of the wisest choices Austin made. We truly did not believe Austin would stay 30 days. Austin was at Awakening approximately 15 months. This turned out to be the best decision Austin made. Families need to allow Awakening to do its job so the resident can be successful. You must close the door to the option of your family member quitting the program or coming home.

– Jill and Bernie

Gerald, father of our recent graduate Jerry, expresses his gratitude for getting his son back after many years of progressively worsening addiction. – “Awakening Recovery is without a doubt the right choice, because it’s the Best Choice for our son. It has literally saved our son’s life, by providing a safe place to allow healing; mentally, emotionally and physically, and a positive future. The fully dedicated, genuine, “war hardened” managers and executives operate within a matrix of proven, time-honored protocols, in an atmosphere of love, respect, brotherhood and a realistic timeframe.”

– Gerald H.

sober living los angeles
sober living los angeles

Lynette, mother of our recent graduate Jerry, understands the value of connection and community as a vital aspect of long-term recovery.  – “The difference in Awakening Recovery is they truly care and know what it takes to help someone recover. They do whatever it takes, and they get to the core of the issue for your loved one. Most programs keep you for 30 days then send you off to the next step just when you are at your most vulnerable state. Awakening knows this is not nearly long enough. They have a support system like no other, that continues well after your recovery. In fact, they are an integral part of a whole community of people looking out for you.”

– Lynette H.

Karen, mother of our recent graduate Griffin, was grateful to see that Griffin became more honest, open-minded and willing than she had experience of him in other short term recovery solutions. – “I have never seen Griffin work so hard to stay with a program. I believe he was telling people at other rehabs what they wanted to hear. I loved the fact that the men at Awakening would “pull his covers” and make him deal with his issues. When Griffin first joined Awakening I felt that this might be just another program that he would manipulate his way through. However, it became clear that this program was different in ways that I could not have imagined. He became more honest and open with us and truly learned to be grateful for help from us and the people at Awakening.”

– Karen T.

sober living los angeles
sober living los angeles

Jeff and Kristen, parents of graduate Dane, now with over 2 years sober who was at Awakening Recovery after many attempts at shorter term solutions that only skimmed the surface of the deeper more long term work needed to achieve sustained recovery. – “Our son entered the program with nowhere else to turn. Homeless and addicted. The management team helped him figure out all of his defects of character. They stood by him which gave him the ability to discover how to change his behaviors and live a sober life. He now has a support system there with the management, graduates and current residents. Our son had been to 3 other treatment centers which were 30 day programs. He left clean but immediately used again. Awakening Recovery is an extended duration program that allows for serious behavior modifications.”

– Jeff and Kristin T.

Results To Date


Individuals helped since opening in July 2016

Over 80% success rate with graduates

Consistently full since Dec 2016

Served 100+ residents
Over 50% of residents who have stayed
+30 days stay for at least 6 months

Over 50% that have stayed at least 6
months have stayed to graduate

We have graduated 31 residents, including in 2022.

In July 2022, our first resident turned 6 years sober.

Several current residents living
in the house with over a year sober