What our recovery home has done for the new
sober life of our graduates – in their own words

“Awakening Recovery has given me my life back…I never dreamed I would be working full time, paying my own rent….Graduating from the house has al- lowed me to start the life I never thought I could have and I am eternally grateful for it.”


“The house has done more for me than I can put into words. It didn’t give me my life back, it did one better; It gave me a new life – one of support and security…. I owe my serenity to Awakening Recovery.”


“When I arrived…I was a broken, 30 year old child. Awakening Recovery helped me to stop running and to face life as a man, and to take responsibility for myself. [It] has been the greatest gift and accomplishment of my Life!”


“Through the life changing work while in the House, my sense of self and core values were heightened. Since graduating I have enjoyed a passion for life based on what I can do to improve the lives of others.”


“Coming to Awakening Recovery, I was living in motels with no family that wanted to talk to me and couldn’t stop using even with a warrant for a strong armed robbery case. Going through the house gave me hope and strength to be able to deal with real life challenges and not get loaded, also being able to be emotionally honest with my support group. In my life today I continue to talk to my support, have my family back, got a place to live where I actually pay my own bills and am able to sponsor other people in the program to help them succeed in this world without having to get loaded. Awakening Recovery saved my life from a hopeless drug addiction to an active member in A.A. and productive person in society.”


Results To Date


Individuals helped since opening in July 2016

Consistently full since Dec 2016

Served 70+ residents

Over 50% of residents who have stayed +30 days stay for at least 6 months

Over 50% that have stayed at least 6 months have stayed in graduate

15 graduates with 2 additional Residents on track to graduate in
the Summer of 2019

Several current residents living in the house with over a year sober