With a proven track record of success, Awakening Recovery has expanded its work to help fill the desperate need for women seeking long term recovery in Los Angeles.

In 2023, we expanded our nonprofit, debuting a new home that offers highly structured and supportive living for women 18 and older.

History of Success
Since opening our doors in 2016, Awakening Recovery has continued to make an impact with residents of the men’s house, including:

  • 170+Residents
  • 31Graduates
  • More than70%Of graduates have remained sober since graduation
  • Over80%Of graduates have maintained over a year of continuous sobriety
  • 100%of Residents who graduated have full-time jobs

The Need is Great
U.S. drug overdoses hit a new all-time high of 100,306 deaths during the 12-month period of April 2020 to April 2021. (1)

Less than 7% of those seeking treatment for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) receive services. (2)
Less than 6% received both SUD treatment and mental health care for those with co-occurring mental health issues. (2)

Women Deserve a Unique Recovery Solution

Addiction doesn’t discriminate, however, when it comes to recovery, data shows that the challenges women face can be overlooked.

  • Women tend to feel more shame and guilt about issues around substance use disorder (SUD), including going to treatment. (3)
  • Women tend to be responsible for the majority of parenting and are more likely to say no to treatment in lieu of leaving their children. (3)
  • Women’s partners do not always support the idea of treatment. (3)
  • This is largely due to inadequate or nonexistent insurance.

Inaugural Women’s House Opened in 2023
Awakening Recovery understands the importance of meeting these needs for women, specifically. We are raising $5 million to bring to life Los Angeles’s ONLY structured, year+, long term recovery solution for women. Your investment enables us to open the home and begin welcoming women who need it most.

  • +
    Located in
    West Los
  • +
    Serving 30 to 35
    women per year
    ages 18+
  • +
    12 bed

Prospective residents include individuals who:

  • Are experiencing homelessness
  • Have been formerly incarcerated or are looking for an alternative to incarceration
  • Are low income
  • Identify as LGBTQ

We have several naming and partnership opportunities available as you consider impacting the lives of women seeking recovery but with nowhere to turn:

$3,000,000 The House

Recognition with prominent naming upon entry, and on all internal and external communications
about our Women’s House

$1,000,000 Women’s Community
House Meeting Parlor

Recognition in meeting space where all our peer mentoring house meetings will occur, lives will be transformed, and daily healing will take place

$500,000 Bedroom (5 available)

Recognition above bedroom door, providing a safe space for each resident

$250,000 Office

Recognition in Awakening Recovery’s Women’s House Office


Contribute to our annual Scholarship Program that will enable us to allow women to receive our life saving process who do not have the ability to pay

Help these willing women today!

Awakening Recovery, 1310 N. Stanley Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90046


David van der Velde, Executive Director
310-990-2235 • David.vandervelde@awakeningrecov.wpengine.com


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