Community is a core foundation of success in long-term recovery

Beginning with the founders of A.A. taking alcoholics seeking recovery into their home for months to mentor them on the 12-Steps in the 1930’s, a recovery movement emerged nationally promoting a long-term solution to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Over the last 30+ years, a group of highly structured recovery homes also developed in the Los Angeles area incorporating behavior modification with the 12-Steps of A.A. A vital aspect of these programs was the connection and community that was built by active graduates and the subsequent programs that were developed, creating a network of hundreds of like-minded men in recovery, many of which still exist in the L.A. area. The stated success rate of long-term recovery from these programs is 60-80% for graduate’s sobriety over the next 2-5 years. This is the philosophy that Awakening Recovery was built on.



Once a resident has completed the leadership chores or Dog Monitor, Essay Monitor and House Leader, along with completing their 4th and 5th steps in their 12 Step pro- cess they are eligible to begin integrating back into the community.

As a bridge to residents going out and getting a job, we ask our residents to secure and engage in a volunteer position in the community. This helps our residents balance their time in the house and outside the house and teaches the value of being of service without financial compensation.

After successfully balancing their volunteer position and their responsibilities in the house, residents are able to look for a paying position at a business in the community. The job is not intended to be a career job, but an entry level position to learn the value of a days work for a days pay. Additionally, working in the community gives residents an opportunity to be an example to the less senior residents in the house of what is possible for them when they have done the work to earn this privilege.

After graduating and moving out with fellow graduates, alumni as a part of the next phase of their recovery and life of service continue to give back to the house by:

• Attending house dinners and weekly groups
• Sponsoring residents in their 12-Step program

• Attending a bi-weekly Graduate meeting at the house to discuss graduate recovery issues.
• Lead weekly Newcomer (0-60 day residents),
Middle of the Board (60 days - 6 month residents), Senior Members (6 month - graduating residents) peer groups.
• Give rides to residents to 12-Step meetings
• Participate in house activities like annual outings to theme parks, Big Bear, etc.
• Take cakes at the house to demonstrate to residents and celebrate their long-term recovery.