Our peer mentoring recovery home is designed to help those that need
it the most, but usually don’t get it due to lack of funds.

By the time a resident graduates from Awakening Recovery they have a job, have identified which graduate they are going to move out with, have confirmed a budget to be self supporting and are in the process of saving money to move out.

Location: West Los Angeles

Residents: Men 18+

Duration: 1 year +

Method: Based on the 12-steps of A.A.

What does the right peer mentoring, 12-Step based recovery home do?

  • Interrupt & redirect self-sabotaging behavior
  • Address root issues at the level of responsibility and integrity
  • Establish new healthy routines/coping skills
  • Begin to heal dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Embed new core beliefs
  • Create new lasting peer & mentor relationships
  • Build a new life based on a 12-Step Philosophy