We believe it takes longer than 30 days to change a lifetime of deeply embedded beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Awakening Recovery provides the most effective long-term way to address the drug addiction and alcoholism crisis. The combination of rigorous, consistent house structure and an active 60+ alumni support community on hand for support makes Awakening Recovery truly unique, creating a highly effective and long-term life change for its residents.

NIH states that the best outcomes occur with longer than 3 month durations of treatment and one of their studies showed over 90% of people in opiate treatment relapse after treatment, 59% within a week.

A SAMHSA study showed 90% of the 21 million American citizens seeking treatment don’t get it due to a lack of insurance.

Because we are non-profit, Awakening Recovery is able to provide services to the uninsured through scholarships and can maintain integrity and authenticity because we do not have the decision and monetizing pressures of a for-profit recovery home.



Many sober living homes in the Los Angeles area provide little structure leading to higher rates of relapse and overdoses. Awakening Recovery is the ONLY non-profit, year+ long recovery home in the Los Angeles area that is highly structured. The combination of rigorous, consistent structure and having 60+ active graduates on hand for support, makes Awakening Recovery truly unique and so much better at creating a highly effective life change for its residents.