Executive Director


David got clean and sober when he was 19, close to death from his own struggles with addiction. Now 32 years clean and sober, he has been consistently active in his recovery community being mentored and mentoring others, served on recovery and youth related non-profit Boards such as LifeWorks and the West Hollywood Recovery Center, and served on panels at institutions speaking from his own experience about recovery.

Director Of Operations


Greg has been with Awakening Recovery from its inception in 2016 and helped develop our process having graduated from a similar recovery process over six years ago. Prior to coming to us, Greg worked in operations at an Intensive Outpatient Center for a year and half. Greg brings great leadership skills to our team both with staff and residents, being able to speak from his own experiences in our recovery community and his prior operational work in treatment.

House Manager


Chris is a graduate of Awakening Recovery, has been our Assistant House Manager and was recently promoted to House Manager. His knowledge of our recovery home and unique ability to understand what our residents are going through helps make our residents feel safe as they progress through the house.

Assistant / Weekend Manager


Eli is a graduate of Awakening Recovery, has been our live-in Overnight Coordinator and was recently promoted to Assistant / Weekend Manager. Eli’s having been a resident in this house makes him the perfect mentor on the weekends for resident issues that come up as he has the same lived experience.